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Your Online-Coaching with Helge Maus - wherever you are ...


Online-Coaching in 3D, Animation und VFX mit Helge Maus


The world is growing more and more closer together.

A work day is filled with tasks and seldomely gives time for efficiently developing and expanding your own skills and knowledge.



= >> Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to book a training course from Helge Maus in the form of an Online Coaching.



Here are the facts:

>> Place:


Wherever you are ... We open up a virtual space to you.


>> Your Advantages:


You do not have time to leave your ongoing productions for a few days?


Or maybe you would like to develop your skills alongside to your job in order to enrich your existing work techniques by deepening your knowledge and thus make them more efficient?


It may also be that you live far away, for example South Africa or Brazil, and it would make no sense for you to travel to us.


In all those cases, the possibility of Online Coaching offers us absolute flexibility.



In a virtual room, training sessions of 2 hours will be used to address exactly those topics you are wishing to learn about and you have discussed with Helge Maus in a briefing before the training.


Helge Mouse interacts with you through screen sharing.





With Online-Coaching distances and time limitations are overcome.




We are looking forward to your request >> info(at) or ++43.699.10669979!









 Online-Coaching in 3D, Animation und VFX mit Helge Maus